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Date Posted: 29 June 2019

First Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) in Plano, Texas, is an historic, downtown congregation. We are seeking an individual with strong musical leadership skills to accompany our traditional worship service and direct our chancel choir. We have a beautiful sanctuary, a wonderful organ and piano and a wonderful accompanist! We are looking for someone who is ready to bring their energy and creativity to work alongside our ministerial staff to plan and lead worship! You might be just the right person!

Job Title: Director of Traditional Worship

Work with the Senior Minister, Organist, and the Worship Ministry Team to plan and provide musical selections for traditional worship, direct the chancel choir, and lead worship activities and programs for First Christian Church of Plano

Reports to:
The Senior Minister for direction, supervision, and evaluation


1. Coordinate with the Senior Minister, staff, and the Worship Ministry Team for the planning, conducting, and performing of music for the traditional worship service and other special services and programs
2. Exercise pastoral ministry with choir members
3. Work with, supervise, and evaluate the church organist
4. Attend weekly staff meetings (preferred) or arrange a time to meet regularly with the Senior Minister
5. Regularly attend and participate in meetings of the Worship Ministry Team
6. Rehearse, direct, motivate, and increase the size of the Chancel Choir
7. Utilize and nurture the musical talents of church members and guests to enhance and enrich the traditional worship service and other special services and programs
8. Lead the congregational singing at the Sunday morning traditional worship service and at other special services and programs
9. Provide information regarding musical selections to the church office and A/V team in a timely manner for inclusion in the bulletin and / or screens
10. Serve as a resource person, coordinate, or directly assist First Christian Church organizations and groups with musical programming when requested to do so
11. Collaborate with the Contemporary Worship Leader when called upon
12. Develop and maintain a music library by cataloging music, acquiring new music, ordering materials, and adhering to current copyright laws and procedure.

Note: Purchase of new materials and supplies should be in accordance with the church budgeting policies and with the approval of the Stewardship Ministry Team.

13. Develop and submit an annual music budget to the Worship Ministry Team
14. Provide a qualified replacement when unable fulfill assigned responsibilities
15. Other duties that may be assigned


1. The Director of Traditional Worship should be a Christian who has accepted Jesus Christ as his/her Lord and Savior
2. Education:

a. A degree in music or music education is required
b. A degree in church music and/or a seminary degree or education is a plus

3. Experience: Two to three years as Director of Music or Choir Director is preferred
4. Skills:

a. Excellent skills for leading and conducting choral music
b. Up-to-date knowledge of choral conducting techniques, church music, hymnody, and trends in traditional worship
c. Ability to work independently, with a minimum of supervision, as well as part of a team
d. Positive, enthusiastic, and motivating interactions when dealing with groups and individuals of various ages and personalities
e. Ability to develop creative and uplifting musical programs that reflect a wide variety of sacred and Christian music and also blend with the congregation’s style and taste
f. Experience and competence in choral performance

This is a part-time, salaried position. Approximately 12-15 hours average per week, which include the Sunday morning traditional service, rehearsals, and other times as determined by the Senior Minister

$13,600-$15,600 annually, depending on qualifications and experience

How to Apply:
Send resume and cover letter to Kyle Dennis (revkyle@fccplano.org) with "ATTN: Director of Traditional Worship" in the subject line.

Deadline for Applying:
August 2, 2019

Questions? Contact Kyle Dennis (Senior Minister) at 972-423-3260 or revkyle@fccplano.org