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Posted: December 19, 2018

Vacancy: Organist, part-time

In the short term, will serve as an assistant to the existing organist who is transitioning into retirement; and then for the long term, takes over as the permanent organist.

Church of the Holy Apostles, 3900 Longvue Avenue, Fort Worth, TX 76126

The Rev’d Joel E. Hampton, SSC, Rector

Website: www.holyapostlesfortworth.org

Organ: Allen 3 manuals/pedal, electronic, external speaker system

Position Description:

The organist provides accompaniment for congregational singing (service music, hymns) plus other music (prelude, postlude, occasional offertory, and/or communion music) to assist worship in a traditional, liturgical Anglican parish. Duties include one weekly Sunday service (at 10:00 a.m.) plus occasional services (Christmas Eve, Easter Eve, weddings, funerals, other) throughout the year. The organist reports to the parish’s rector, who is responsible for the selection of service music and hymns in keeping with the church’s lectionary (appointed scripture readings according to the liturgical calendar).

Holy Apostles is a relatively small (average Sunday attendance 95, approximately 70 in the Sung Mass) but vibrant parish with a mix of young families and long-time, older parishioners. The liturgy (order and style of worship) is traditional, following the “Rite I” order and language of the Book of Common Prayer. The parish has a tradition of good congregational singing, with hymns and service music taken from the Episcopal Hymnal 1982. The acoustic space is reverberant and supportive of organ and voices.

Qualifications Desired:

Undergraduate degree in music or music education

Experience accompanying congregational singing of traditional hymnody in a liturgical setting

Proficiency in organ performance, with knowledge of solo organ literature appropriate for preludes, postludes, and other occasional music

Ability to improvise is desirable

To Apply:  Send cover letter, resume, and references to Rev. Joel Hampton, rector, at    joel.hampton@fwepiscopal.org


DATE POSTED: 29 Oct 2018

Vacancy:  Minister of Music   (Full-Time.   Salary commensurate with qualifications.  Employer committed to compensate musicians at a level that reflects their contribution to the ministry.

First Baptist Church of Austin, 901 Trinity Street, Austin, TX 78701

Church website:  http://www.fbcaustin.org

 Vacancy Submitted By: David Hammond (david.hammond.tx@gmail.com), Search Committee Co-Chair

 Position Description:  See below  (also on church website at http://www.fbcaustin.org/music-minister-search).

 Organ:  1969 Opus 3024 by Casavant Frères Limitée.  3 manuals/pedal, 46 stops and 56 ranks  http://www.fbcaustin.org/organ 

 Position Summary:

The position of Minister of Music provides the creative and foundational support of planning, development, and coordination of worship experiences at First Austin. This position serves as the content expert for liturgical, music, and worship resources. This individual reports to the Senior Pastor and works collaboratively with the Senior Pastor, ministerial staff, lay worship leaders, church musicians, administrative staff, choirs, worship committee, and church members. Primary responsibilities including planning, organizing, and directing music and worship resources to provide worship experiences throughout the liturgical year that reflect the First Austin values of diversity and intergenerational involvement in worship.

Qualifications and Skills:
·        Master's degree, with either the Master or Undergraduate degree in music or music education

·        Education at either a religious college/university or seminary is desirable, but not required

·        Experience as a conductor of large and small choirs accompanied by piano, organ, and/or various instrumental ensembles

·        Knowledge of Christian worship practices and broad ecumenical knowledge of worship philosophy

·        Experience serving as music minister at medium-sized or larger churches (200+ average worship attendance) for a period of at least 5 years

·        Mastery of vocal solo, wind or string instrument, piano, or organ is desirable, but not required

·        Experience in the teaching of children's choirs, youth choirs, and handbell ensembles is desired, but not required

·        Organizational skills and ability to manage a budget

 Duties and Responsibilities:
·        Plan, organize, and coordinate music and liturgy for worship in collaboration with the Senior Pastor, ministerial colleagues, and lay leadership 

·        Conduct the Sanctuary Choir and other music ensembles as needed

·        Supervise the teaching of children's choirs, youth choirs, and handbell ensembles

·        Project and manage an annual budget for the Music Ministry

·        Develop long term goals for the Music Ministry

·        Recognize and support development of the gifts of church members and encourage participation in the Music Ministry

·        Assist with weddings and funerals serving as a music resource

·        Provide pastoral care for congregants in collaboration and conjunction with the ministerial staff

·        Develop and implement community outreach programs through appropriate music and other art forms and actions

·        Oversee the work of the music ministry volunteers, paid musicians, etc.

To Apply:  (Applications accepted through November 4, 2018.) 

Send cover letter, resume and references to:    

Further details at http://www.fbcaustin.org/music-minister-search