Fort Worth AGO Chapter


(As of July 1, 2019)


EMPLOYERS: To get help in finding a substitute, contact Dale Bench, CAGO, Placement & Substitute Administrator, at:  He can send a solicitation to all those on the substitute  roster and speed up the process of acquiring a substitute.  Dr. Linton Powell is chairman of the Chapter’s Placement and Substitutes Committee; if you have a question about the roster, you may contact him at The Placement and Substitutes Administrator maintains this roster of qualified substitutes and keeps the most current edition posted on the Chapter website,

Substitutes on this roster have met the following requirements: must be a member in good standing of the Fort Worth Chapter and either have a degree relating to organ and/or piano and/or conducting, a Guild certification (SPC, CAGO, CHM, AAGO, or FAGO), or passed an audition before the Placement & Substitutes Committee.

LEGEND:  Each name on the alphabetized list is followed by qualifications shown in parentheses (type of organ related degree, American Guild of Organists certification, or audition), and type of substitute position desired:  organist, choir director, and keyboard (acoustic piano, electronic keyboard, harpsichord and organ manuals only).  Those with an American Guild of Organists certification (SPC, CAGO, CHM, AAGO, FAGO following their name indicates the person has passed a rigorous performance examination juried by a panel of expert organists). Telephone codes: (C) cell, (H) home, (W) work. Email address (blank if none). The roster is in two parts:  PART 1:   Substitutes available Sundays and other days of the week; PART 2:   Substitutes not available Sunday mornings.


PART 1.  AVAILABLE SUNDAYS AND OTHER DAYS OF WEEK (alphabetized by last name)

Sandra Davis (BM) – organist and/or choir director (H) 972-641-8443, (C) 817-891-3559

Susan Fuchs (BM, CAGO) – organist and choir director (C) 817-909-9570

Claudia Fuenmayor (BM, MM) – piano only (C) 817-323-6375

Christina Harrell (MA) – organist and/or choir director (C) 817-403-1002

Beverly Howard (BM, MM, DMA) – organist (H) 817-494-8375, (C) 951-206-7139

Devon Howard (DMA) - organist, choir director, and/or keyboardist (C) 602-476-9667

Jeanette Keim (BM, MM, SPC) – organist (H) 817-626-5329

Minjung Nam (DMA, MM) – organist (C) 513-602-2164

Eugene Oehler (BA, SPC, CAGO) – organist/choir director (C) 817-366-2590

Arlene Small (BM, MM) – organist and/or choir director (H) 817-548-8458

Julane Swank (BM, MM) – organist and/or choir director (H) 817-416-4913 (C) 713-553-8392


PART 2.  NOT AVAILABLE SUNDAY MORNINGS (alphabetized by last name) 

Ed Ackermann (SPC, CAGO) – organist (C) 817-584-5591

Dale Bench (BM, MM, SPC, CAGO) – organist and/or choir director (C) 817-584-5592

H. Joseph Butler (DMA, AAGO) – organist and/or choir director (W) 817-257-5333

Pamela Butler (BM, OD) – organist and/or choir director (available for funerals only) (H) 817-924-2015

Alissa Davis (BM) – organist

Ryan Jawad – organist/choir director (C) 682-231-3966

Elizabeth Kutz (BA, MM, SPC, CAGO) – organist and/or choir director (C) 817-832-4741

Rebecca Sawyer (BA,MM) - organist (C) 432-528-5982

Ken Surely (BM, BME) - organist (C) 214-728-3138 (H) 972-660-0662

Aaron Walton (SPC) – organist (C) 817-851-8286