The purpose of the American Guild of Organists (AGO) is to promote the organ in its historic and evolving roles, to encourage excellence in the performance of the organ and choral music, and to provide a forum for mutual support, inspiration, education, and certification of Guild members.

The Fort Worth Chapter was founded in 1929, is a part of the Southwest Region, and currently has about 140 members. The AGO is a national organization comprised of 19,000 members in 350 chapters, split into seven regions.. The national headquarters office is located in New York City. The headquarters and all chapters are non-profit 501(c) (3) recognized not for profit educational organizations. The AGO was chartered by the Board of Regents of the University of the State of New York and incorporated in 1896 as an educational organization.

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The chapter publishes an annual membership directory, Yearbook, and a monthly newsletter, Mixtures.  Important announcements are published in blind copied emails to the entire chapter when necessary.

Everyone is welcome to join our chapter:  degreed career organists, non-career organists, pianists, singers, and anyone who has a passion for organ music! There are several categories of membership and most include a year’s subscription to the monthly magazine of The American Organist. For more information on how to join, click here.


DEAN   Rebecca Sawyer (
SUB-DEAN  Peggy Graff (
SECRETARY  Alissa Davis (
TREASURER  Joe Breedlove ( 

DIRECTORS (Members At Large):
Dana Chavaria (interim appointment) (
Sueda Luettrell (
Ed Ackermann (interim appointment) (
Dale Bench (
David Lindsey (
Devon Howard (

Chaplain:  The Rev. Raymond L. McDaniel (
Courtesy & Hospitality:  vacant
Finance:  Joe Breedlove (
Historian:  Emmet Smith (
Webmaster: Andy Rose (
Membership:  Ed Ackermann - interim appointment (
Mixtures Newsletter & Yearbook: Ken Surley (
Placements & Substitutes:  Linton E. Powell (
Placements & Substitutes Administrator: Dale Bench (
Professional Development:  Peggy Graff (
ONCARD Chapter Administrator:  Ed Ackermann (
Social Media Coordinator:  Alissa Davis (

Community Arts Calendar Coordinator: Ahreum Han Congdon (
Communications Chair:  Ed Ackermann (
Scholarship Program Administrator: Kyla Rosenberger (